Are Nobel Biocare implants a good choice?

Q. Hi, I see you have mentioned Nobel Biocare Implants as being a very trustworthy brand, and I was thinking of having one placed, although I have since read that in America, Nobel are being investigated due to using un-sterile packaging. Is this true? Also, have your heard of a company called Implant Direct that makes Screw Plant, as I have been offered implants in the UK from only £995? Why are this company so cheap in comparision, and what is the difference between their implant and the big names you mentioned? Very confused!!!
A. Hi, firstly Noble biocare are a very large company and I can safely say that the quality of manufacturing to ensure a very sterile implant is of a high standard. Implant direct is a company which has been formed to replicate the design of many of the branded implant systems at a cheap price. I however know the company has not been going for long and so would be cautious of implant quality. The cost however is attrative. My only advice would be to pay your money and take your chances. I would prefer if it was my mouth to have a more mainstream implant placed such as noble, strumann, or astra. Hope this information is helpful.

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