I am experiencing normal side-effects of dental implant surgery?

I had an implant fitted 3 months ago and although It appeared to settle down after 3 doses of antibiotics, Although I still felt my gums and throat sore. I then had my new denture fittedbut could not stand the pain it caused. My tongue felt as if it was being pinched and starting to go numb. The dentist practically had to file the denture down completely on one side. This did help but the other problem I was experinceing was pain at the base of the tooth next to the implant which was like someone hitting a raw nerve when I tried to brush my teeth. The dentist said this was caused by a rogue nerve and took this tooth out also.Tthis resulted in a dry socket which again is very painful . It is starting to get better but my gums and throught still feel sore and I now have a horrible taste of iron in my mouth and it is very dry. Have you heard of these side affects before?
They aren’t normal but with any surgery sometimes unpredictable problems can occur
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