Is tooth extraction cause of wrinkles. Will implants reduce these?

Q. Dear Dr. Solanki,I had two top right teeth extracted 6 weeks ago, i am having implants in 2 weeks time, but since having the teeth extracted, i have developed a few deep wrinkles above my top lip, is this due to the extraction (i have a partial denture in at the moment) will the implants reduce these lip wrinkles and will they give me support for my top lip. thankyou.,
A. hi many thanks for your enquiry, loss of teeth can cause the bone and tissue to shrink around the site. unless a lot of bone was destroyed though it is sometimes difficult to assess whether the loss of tooth has contributed to the wrinkles. my advise would be to have the implants as this is a treatment need and if this does support the lip better than the denture and decrease the wrinkles then we know it was the lack of teeth. if the wrinkles remain it may just have been coincidence.
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