My dental crown is too long and I am concerned what will happen if it falls out. Can you advise?

Hello, in 2008 i fell down some steps outside a building in London and broke my front tooth (Upper right Incisor). Originally a crown was put on which lasted well until christmas this year when it fell off. I returned to have another Crown fitted. In July i needed a root canal which was done through the crown already in place.

The crown is too long much longer than my other incisor, and a darker colour than my surrounding teeth. I guess my first question is there anything that can be done about this?

What i am really concerned about is what happens if this crown fails? because i have had a root canal through thte crown would it be possible to put on another crown if this one fell off or would i have to go straight too an implant? I am currently a student and if this happens in the next few years, would i be able to get NHS help paying for this if it were to happen?

Many thanks

Implants aren’t available on the NHS so it might be worth looking at replacing the crowns first if you’re not happy with them
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