My dentist says my crowns have to be narrower, is that true?

Q. I had lost both my first molars many years ago. I recently had two implants placed in the gaps where the teeth had once been. Two implants because the gap had widened over time. There had also been substantial bone loss especially on the right hand side, therefore the implants were ‘shortys’. The (double)crowns placed on these implants are narrower than the teeth on either side, (the premolar and second molar), the crowns do not resemble teeth at all. My dentist has excused this issue by saying that as the imlants were short, the crowns have to be narrower. Can you tell me is there any truth in his explaination. I really am distressing about this. I can send you photographs if you wish?,
A. Hi It is very difficult to give you advice without examining your mouth. It is common practice to have narrower teeth on molars. The reason for this is to reduce the load on the implants.
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