My New Implants Need Time To Heal But I Can’t Eat Or Drink And My Dentist Isn’t Helpful. Should I Seek A Second Opinion?

Hi Dr Moore. I had my implants placed around 4 weeks ago. I know you’re supposed to give them at least 6 months to heal but this is impossible. I can’t eat a thing, I can’t open my mouth, my gums are bleeding and my dentist is offering me no advice. He keeps brushing me off and just keeps recommending different pain killers. I don’t feel he’s being very attentive at all. Can you please offer me some advice regarding this matter? Should I seek a second opinion? Thank you.
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. It’s hard to know what you’ve had done but maybe get tell your dentist that you’ll be forced to seek a second opinion to find out why they aren’t improving. If he still refuses, ask a different dentist. However it can take a while for the tissues to fully heal, you may have to be patient with this matter as it’s difficult to imagine what another dentist can do. I wish I could be of more hope with this. I hope it heals in time. Best of luck, Dr Andrew Moore.
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