The Implants I Got Abroad Have Become Infected, What Should I Do?

A dentist abroad fitted my upper jaw with implants and bone grafts two and a half years ago and in that time I have had constant chronic sore gum at the front of my mouth where the bone grafts were done. When i went back to them they just kept telling me nothing was wrong and there is no problem, I said obviously there is a problem, my gum is constantly seriously sore and my nose is constantly discharging fluid. I went to an oral surgeon and nasal surgeon and in their opinion there is infection where the grafts were done. I contacted the company again and was told they would fix the problem if I paid the final payment I owed of £1500, I said I would pay the money when I was satisfied, but you have left me in constant pain and also they said there was no problem, so how could they fix it. Because this treatment was done in Bratislava, the NHS in the UK will not touch it and neither UK dental surgeons. I need help, this is ruining my life. What should I do?
Hello there. Sorry to hear that you’re having such a bad time as a result of this. It sounds like a common problem with treatment carried out abroad. Basically I would pay the money and get them to fix it for you because otherwise the issue may worsen.
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