There is a gap between my dental implants and my gums, is this normal?

I have recently had implants to two front teeth. The problem is when smiling I have a high lip line and because the teeth don’t actually enter the gums there are small gaps which when smiling my friends say look like black areas instead of seeing pink gums. Is this right or should they have rebuilt up the gums to look more natural. Also I feel saliva building up and blowing through the gaps. Surely this cant be right.
Thanks for your question.
Placing implants in the smile zone can be very challenging and requires excellent training and experience to get a good result.
There can be many factors that affect the final aesthetic result and the positioning of the soft tissues.
If you’re unhappy with the result then you would need to discuss this with the dentist that carried out your treatment and they may be able to modify the final restorations.

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