What factors may increase the price of a dental implant?

Q. I am looking to get a dental implant, but would like to know what factors may possibly bump up the price of an implant? I know clinics advertise specific prices but I am guessing this can go up for certain circumstances.
A. hi many thanks for your email. the reasons which may require the price increasing for a dental implant:

1: CT scan fee(scan to assess amount and quality of bone also nerve position close to where implants are going to be placed, average cost £250 – £400.

2:surgical stents and diagnostic aids such as study models. these are to help improve the predictabilty of the implant treatment, cost can range from £200 – £800.

3:Bone grafting needed if there is a lack of bone, the cost can range from £300 – £1500.

4:type of crown used for the final crown of the implant, again the material choice can range from metal porcelain crowns all porcelain crowns. the price can then increase by over £500 dependant on the final crown option.

hope this information is helpful.

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