Why is there a discrepancy between the healing times for dental implants?

Q. I have 3 implants already, which were place in RSA. The healing time for 2 was 4 weeks, for the other 8 weeks, as there was infection present. Here in the UK most dentists specify a healing period of 4 to 6 months before final crown placement. I do not understand the difference between these healing times, as my SA implants have taken just fine.,
A. Thanks for you question. Most dental implants are left for 4 to 6 months healing time, this is to allow the implants to integrate (knit) with the bone in the jaw and become a secure platform for placing the finished restoration. In some cases a finished crown can be placed sooner (often refferred to as immediate loading) this depends on the type of implant system used and where in the mouth the implants are being placed. It will also depend on how the dentist has been trained and their own experience of placing implants in different ways. Thanks George Glover BDS MSc
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