X-ray said I could not get dental implant, but are there any alternatives?

Q. I had an x-ray to see if an implant would be the right choice for me. However, it was found that there was a nerve close to the location where the implant would be placed, and that this may cause some kind of problems. I think it was something to do with a facial nerve or something? Would you be able to offer any advice on this? Is there any way I would be suitable for treatment?
A. hi many thanks for your email, a two dimensional x ray will never be able to predictably say whether there is enough room to place an implant in the lower jaw if the ID nerve is close to where you need the implant.

My advice would be to go to a clinic which has a CT scanner which is a three dimensional scanner which will map the position of your nerve and the exact amount of bone present and will then confirm whether the treatment is possible.

hope this is helpful. i do have a CT scanner at my practices so if you require a scan i will be happy to help.

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