6 Month Smiles

The major factors that stop most people in need of orthodontic treatment is negative aesthetic impact of aligners or braces as well as an extremely long duration of the treatment. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary orthodontic system which enables the patient to enjoy a significantly improved condition of their smile in as little as six months. The conditions that can be treated using Six Month Smiles include many common dental problems, such as overcrowded teeth, spaces between them, overbite and underbite.

The braces used in the Six Month Smiles treatment are thought to be a lot less noticeable than conventional braces, since the wires are smaller and look much more aesthetic. Moreover, the colour of the braces resembles the natural colour of a tooth. Even though Six Month Smiles are more aesthetically pleasing than conventional braces, they can still be used to treat complicated cases and achieve significant results in a much shorter time.

Regular visits to the dentist in order to adjust the braces will be needed throughout the treatment. Normally Six Month Smiles aim at correcting the most visible frontal teeth and not the teeth at the back of the oral cavity, which makes the treatment much faster.

As with most other orthodontic systems, wearers of Six Month Smiles might initially experience excess salivation or slight lisping, but these side effects are known to disappear as soon as the patient adapts to wearing the braces. As a rule, the price of Six Month Smiles varies depending on numerous factors, but is generally lower than conventional braces and so-called invisible aligners.

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