Clearstep Braces

Clearstep is a modern, affordable, quick and discrete orthodontic technology. It can be chosen to tackle common dental conditions such as crowding, overbite, crossbite, underbite and big spaces between teeth. Clearstep braces are a collection of removable thin see-through positioners that are worn by the patient to apply gentle pressure on the incorrectly positioned teeth and move them to the desirable position over time. Clearstep can be used by virtually anyone, including children.

Clearstep aligners are a discrete orthodontic solution, since they are made from a transparent material and are virtually invisible. However, being easily removable they also offer flexibility, since they can be taken out during an important meeting or date. Moreover, the aligners have to be removed while eating, which means that the patient will be able to enjoy a meal without any discomfort.

Clearstep treatment can be complemented by a specially designed whitening gel that is applied by the dentist and the patient to succesfully get rid of stains.

The advantages available to patients using Clearstep aligners include discreteness, flexibility when needed and individual design, since they are adapted to a particular patient's dental structure. Moreover, in contrast to conventional metal braces, they do not cause irritation to the tissues of the mouth. The patien can brush, floss and eat as usual, since Clearstep braces are removed during the process. This is also a way to achieve easier and more effective dental hygiene.

The price of Clearstep treatment depends on many determining factors, such as the clinic and the dentist that will perform the procedures. However, it is estimated that the cost of the full treatment should be around £1500-£4500. A more accurate estimation of the fees can be given by the dentist during the initial examination.

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