Deep Bleaching

Conventional single visit whitening procedures can be disappointing since usually they do not bring the desired results. Moreover, they generally do not reach the maximum potential whiteness the patient's teeth could have. It would be wrong to claim that no one has ever been satisfied with conventional methods of tooth whitening, but it is agreed that the results differ greatly depending on the case and are not easy to predict.

Deep Bleaching is a highly efficient patented revolutionary whitening system which guarantees bringing the best results the patient can expect. The full treatment takes 2 weeks, but it may be longer or shorter depending on the initial shade of the teeth and the patient's needs. The Deep Bleaching technology comprises of three stages. The first stage is the preparation where the dentist applies a specifically designed whitening gel onto the patient's teeth. After the initial procedure, the patient has to wear whitening gel and aligners for a period of 2 weeks. The treatment is finished with the final bleaching procedure performed by the dentist, which maximises the results of the treatment.

The safety of the Deep Bleaching technology has been confirmed by experts. The treatment can lighten the teeth of the patient up to 16 shades, but the results vary depending on the individual case. Higher surface sensitivity of the teeth has been reported as a side effect of the treatment, but the dentist should provide effective desensitising medication as part of the Deep Bleaching treatment.

The full cost of the treatment using Deep Bleaching is around £750. This price includes all the products used and the cost of the procedures.

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