iBraces are a discrete, modern and effective method of tooth straightening. Since iBraces are attached not to the front surfaces, but to the back surfaces of the teeth, it is virtually impossible to notice. iBraces are attached to the lingual tissue behind the teeth. Moreover, iBraces are specially custom made to fit the individual shape and position of the patient's teeth. Patients have confirmed that iBraces should not affect the patient's speech in any way.

iBraces provide a more comfortable and aesthetically flawless way to straighten teeth. iBraces are suitable to almost anyone, but they are particularly aimed at patients who are concerned about damaging the front surfaces of their teeth, working professionals who do not want to wear traditional braces and people who regularly play contact sports and have a higher chance of dental traumas.

Since every set of iBraces is fabricated to match an individual patient's oral and dental system, they are usually much more comfortable than conventional braces and provide quicker results.

The prices of producing, fitting and maintaing iBraces will be slightly higher than that of traditional braces, since it is a relatively new method in dentistry and the production cost of the braces is higher.

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