Inman Aligners

Inman aligners are an orthodontic treatment based on a metal wire attached to the front of the teeth and specially designed to fit the patient's individual dental structure. The dual method enables the teeth to be gently pushed in two directions. Inman aligners are often thought to be similar to Invisalign braces. Comparing the two, Inman positioners are not as discrete, since they have a visible metal wire on the front side of the teeth. However, they are much more affordable and are thought to give noticeable results much faster. Moreover, frequent visits to the dentist are not needed, since the full treatment only requires one aligner, whereas Invisalign positioners have to be remodelled every two weeks.

To achieve maximum results, Inman positioners should be worn at least 20 hours a day. However, they can be removed as and when required. Inman aligners consist of two items: of a spring at the back of the teeth which pushes them forward and a wire at the front which pushes the teeth backward.

Inman aligners are only suitable for the correction of the most noticeable teeth in the front part of the oral cavity. However, this enables the treatment to be much shorter than conventional methods. The patient can expect to notice results in 6-16 weeks after the beginning of the treatment. Just like in most other orthodontic methods, the correction achieved depends on the effort and determination of the patient. The more hours during the day are spent wearing the aligner, the faster and more dramatic the results are going to be.

After the aligners are fitted, the patient can expect excessive salivation, mild alterations in speech and slight discomfort to occur. However, these are all normal side effects that should disappear as soon as the wearer adapts to the presence of the orthodontic system in the mouth.

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