Invisalign Express

Invisalign Express has been discontinued and is now known as Invisalign Lite

Invisalign Express is a treatment based on the Invisalign technology which uses the same methods as Invisalign, but only aims at more visible teeth at the front of the mouth and can achieve significant results in a lesser amount of time. Just like Invisalign, this treatment uses thin plastic aligners to correct commonly known minor orthodontic problems. Invisalign Express is designed to use no more than 10 sets of aligners and to take no more than 5-6 weeks, compared to the average of 18 months offered by Invisalign.

In preparation for the Invisalign Express treatment, the dentist will have to assess the orthodontic condition of the patient's teeth very carefully, since Invisalign Express can only be applied to certain orthodontic problems. It is also possible that the teeth do not reach the expected results and the treatment will have to be changed to a full Invisalign system. As mentioned before, Invisalign Express is only suitable where minor alterations in the position of the teeth are needed. If the case is more complex, the dentist will offer longer, but more effective alternatives to the treatment.

Since Invisalign Express requires less time and materials than Invisalign, the price of the procedure is likely to be lower than that of a full Invisalign treatment

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