Smile Makeover

A major part of the population is not happy with the condition of their teeth. Dental and orthodontic problems can include anything from slight discolouration and overgrown gums to missing teeth. The combination of different dental treatments designed to create the perfect smile desired by the patients is called a smile makeover. The procedures involved in a smile makeover depend on the individual needs and requirements of the patient, since every case is different.

The modern achievements and technologies available in cosmetic dentistry enable specialists to improve the looks of the patient's teeth in many different aspects:

  • Orthodontic treatments are aimed at straightening crooked teeth using a variety of methods, including metal braces and discrete removable aligners.
  • Depending on the severity of the damage, a dentist can restore the initial appearance of a chipped, broken or cracked tooth using a crown or veneer.
  • Replacing missing teeth by using dental implants, bridges or dentures can also be a part of the smile makeover. It is essential to replace missing teeth not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to maintain a healthy overall condition of the oral cavity.
  • Orthodontic systems can also help if the teeth are too crowded or too far apart. There is a variety of available options, such as damon, lingual or conventional metal braces and Invisalign aligners. An instant way to correct spaces between teeth is fitting porcelain veneers.
  • If the patient is not satisfied with the shape or size of the dental gums, it can be corrected with a simple and uncomplicated operation or a laser treatment.
  • Performing a professional cleaning routine and a bleaching session can dramatically improve the appearance of stained and discoloured teeth.
  • A smile makeover can even include the injection of fillers such as Botox to reduce the fine lines around lips or to make the lips look fuller in people who are not happy with the condition of their lips.
  • It is impossible to determine the exact price of a smile makeover without perfoming a thorough evaluation of the patient's oral cavity. The cost will depend on how many treatments are required and how much work is involved, the quality and quantity of dental products used as well as the choice of the clinic and the specialist.

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