1 of my mini implants has failed, should I opt for dentures instead?

I had 2 midi implants fitted…1 failed and the other has had a crown fitted but the gum seems to be receeding and it looks like the bone is going around the implant. I am worried that the implant has caused this and will show through. I have been told wait and see but what if it does? what can be done? To take it out would mean further bone loss and then what..as I would still have the problem with the gum. i have been told gum grafts dont work well. I am to have a bone graft on the side that the midi implant failed (from another dentist) and 2 full implants fitted but i am now having second thoughts as I am desperately worried about this gum problem. Is there a really good denture that I could have fitted instead? I have only been given the usual ones. I would be most grateful for any advice. Many thanks

Sorry to hear about your circumstance

The quality of dentures are dependable on the material and quality of teeth.

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