3 weeks ago I had a crown removed from top/back molars


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3 weeks ago I had a crown removed from top/back molars due to an infection. Would I be able to have an implant, if so how soon and roughly what cost?

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A. Thanks for your question. You haven’t said whether the whole tooth has been removed or if if it is no longer suitable for a new crown. Generally you would need to allow time for any infection in the area to heal and for the oral health to be in great condition before embarking on a surgical procedure for dental implants. This will vary from person to person and will also depend on how large the infection was. Costs for dental implants vary but as a general ball park figure you should budget in the region of £2,000 per restored implant, but these costs can vary and you would need a consultation to get a full treatment plan with more specific estimated costs for you. Regards George Glover BDS MSc
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