After Dental Implant Treatment, I’ve Experienced Gum To Jaw Discomfort. How Long Does It Take To Heal?

Hello Dr Bohara, I could really do with some good advice from a professional such as yourself. I lost my tooth around 2 months ago, and my dentist put an implant in two weeks ago. But it was inserted a little deep, so it touched the nerve. He removed it and put a short one just 3 days after.
The numbness from bottom left teeth, gum to jaw give me discomfort. I hope it’s not permanent damage, but wonder how long will it take this nerve damage cure? Thank you in advance for any information you can provide me with.
Hello, It’s my pleasure to try and answer your question. I would recommend you speak to your dentist about your concerns as each case is different however and they are likely to be in the best place to comment about your problem. You should see if the pain subsides after a few days and then see your dentist. I hope this problem clears up for you as it can take awhile. You could take painkillers if the pain becomes too much. Best of luck, Dr Kalpesh Bohara.
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