Am I a candidate for a bone graft?

Q. I am 39 with advanced gum disease i have complete dental bone loss at the far bottom end of my mouth, currently i still have the healthy tooth being held in by only gum. Could i be a candidate for a bone graft and if so would it be possible to save the tooth? My mother was pragmatic about dental hygeine and never smoked and still had to get all her teeth removed at age 41. I am hoping with advanced treatments my fate will not be the same. Many thanks for your time.,
A. Thanks for your question. The number one priority for you would be to have the gum disease treated and your oral health brought under control this may require several appointments with a dental hygienist. Then appropriate assessments for dental implants and bone augmentation could be considered. Dental treatment has had many advances over the years, but excellent oral hygiene and home care are essential for the long term success. Regards George Glover BDS MSc
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