Are Gingival Grafts Better For Dental Implants Than Bone Grafts?

Hi, I have two upper premolars missing and the gum has receded inwards but not upwards. There is enough bone there for implants, but my concern is that when they are placed I will have the same issue I had with the bridge I previously had there – that is of air and saliva being trapped in the gum dip above the tooth ‘shelf’ that sticks out beyond the receded gum. I have been put off bone grafting as I’m told the gum is tight and there is a high failure rate, but I wonder if gingival grafts might serve to bulk up the dip area and lessen the shelf that will be created by the implant teeth? Thank you.
Hi, thanks for your question. Gingival grafts might work although the gum tends to shrink back later. I would consider grafting with artificial bone, the success rate is still very good, provided that the procedure is carried out in the right hands. Hope this is useful. 
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