Are you able to fit dental implants under sedation?


I am looking to get implants to hold my dentures in place, but am really nervous when it comes to the dentist. How is this procedure usually performed, how invasive is it and can i have sedation to help calm my nerves?
I really, really want to have the treatment to stop my dentures from rubbing my gums raw, so i will try anything to help me have the procedure

thank you Dr Moore

I would normally carry this treatment out without sedation as it can be very simple and non-invasive. however if the patient is anxious sedation works really well. We carry this out either with an Anaesthetist or for straightforward cases by ourselves.Your 1st step is to find a clinic offering this treatment, ideally find one with extensive experience and a CT scanner to check your suitability before treatment. If you’d like to give my clinic a call I would be delighted to help 08443 87 87 88

regards andrew

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