Can I get braces after dental implants?

Q. I have a gap in my mouth where there is a tooth missing. I want to get a dental implant but also really want to get braces. If I was to get the implant would I then be able to get braces to straighten my other teeth? If so, would I need to inform my dentist from the beginning that is what I wanted to do?
A. Hi thanks for your question.

The best thing to do would be to discuss what you hope to acheieve with your dentist and discuss all the options with them. 

If you’re considering orthodontics as well as implants then it’s important that the entire treatment is planned accordingly so as to ensure that you achieve the desired results and that none of the treatment is compromised.

If your dentist doesn’t offer orthodontics (braces) they should be able to refer you to an orthodontist and they would work together on your complete treatment.

Hope that this helps.

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