Can I get implants on the NHS?

Q. I would like to ascertain if people are eligible for implant on NHS or subsidised somewhat as an NHS patient ? I have just been advised by my dentist that due to the fact my root canal treatment has failed then an implant is the best option. I am very concerned at the potential costs, i am also concerned that my dentist has advised the bone in my jaw has shrank significantly and will continue to do so which will eventually cause problems with my remaining teeth !,
A. Unfortunately dental implants are not provided for routinely on an NHS basis. The bone shrinkage can impact on other teeth if the bone surrounding those teeth starts to shrink then the teeth may become loose. Many dental practices offer ways to spread the cost of dental implant treatment, this may be an option for you to consider. Regards George Glover BDS MSc
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Can I get implants on the NHS?

Q. can i get implants on n.h.s.?,
A. No i\’m afraid they are not available on the NHS
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Can I get implants on the NHS?

Q. can i get implant on n h s as i have been eating on one side for years can i have it where or cheap,
A. You would have to have a very good reason to get implants on the NHS ie: a medical condition. Implants cost from £2100.00 per tooth.
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