Can I get implants to replace dentures that were initially needed due to lack of calcium during pregnancy?

Q. hello dre glover, can you please offer advice on my situation. i have had a full set of dentures for 17 years due to lack of calcuim during pregnancy,until recently dentures havent bothered me but now i find the bottom set is a problem.i would like to look into permanant implants and the cost,can you please advise and thank you for your time,
A. Thanks for your question. There may be a few options available to you such as implant retained bridgework or alternatively implants can be used to stabilise and secure dentures. You would need to have a full consultation with a dentist to assess your suitability for dental implants. This will involve a comprehensive examination including x-rays to see how much bone is available for placing implants. Costs vary depending on what treatment options are available and appropriate. I hope that this helps. Regards George Glover BDS MSc
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