Can you advise me on teeth whitening for teeth with broken crowns?

Dr Fahey
There are 2 parts to my question.
1 Is Zoom 2 Laser whitening safe on teeth, some of which have crowns broken and exposed? What is the difference between it and Kor whitening from USA?
2 I have got 2 estimates for dental work eg one from a non-uk based clinic and the other a London based one. Is there any independent body who could look at my estimates and advise me please? I am elderly with osteoporosis and am delaying bisphosphonate treatment until dental care is complete.
1. yes it is safe, not really what I do, so I can’t help you further on the other whitening system as i have not heard of it.
Not really sure I understand the second part of your question. Non UK treatment is usually cheaper, but you have travelling costs/ issues when things go wrong.
It is not really possible to compare estimates, a nice practice with modern facilities may charge more than a more run down practice or a practice in a low socio economic area. Then there are issues like training, experience etc… i.e. a specialist will generally charge more than a general dentist to reflect their high level of training and experience in their chosen field.
It is up to the patient to then decide where they want to be treated, a bit like flying abroad where there are budget, economy, premier, business and first classes and it is up to you, to chose where you want to fit in.
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