Do you recommend a dental implant over a bridge for replacing a missing tooth?

I had a root canal filling on one of my back molars (I think it’s tooth number 3) about 10 years ago. It now has bacteria in it and I have been told I can either have the filling replaced or have the tooth extracted. My dentist told me having another root canal filling may not last and I may have to have the tooth extracted in another few years, so I may as well have it out now. What do you think? I am 21 years old. Also, if I do have it extracted, should I opt for a bridge or an implant? I can’t really afford an implant so was going to opt for a bridge, but I have just read that apparently they only last for about 10-15 years and can make the healthy teeth either side painful. So would you recommend I just opt for another root canal filling? It seems like a bridge isn’t a better option after all? I would really appreciate your advice!! Thank you very much.
I would recommend an implant over a bridge as a bridge normally involves drilling down healthy teeth. an implant should also last much longer
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