Hi, I Had Implants A Few Years Ago, But Recently I’ve Had A Dull Pain In The Gum, Why Is This?

Hello Dr Bohara, the issue I’d like to discuss with you is that I had a couple of tooth implants fitted about two years back on my lower jaw and they worked fine up until now, as for the last three weeks or so I have noticed that there is a swelling in the gum below the implant and a dull pain in the gum. The tooth implant itself does not ache and I am able to bite normally. There is no reaction to cold or hot fluids and neither is there any bleeding of any sort, so I am at odds to explain what it is that’s wrong. I would really like any information on this and will appreciate advice. Thank you.
Hello thank you for your enquiry, I’m glad you’ve sought out professional advice. Based on what you’ve told me It sounds like you may have some kind of an infection and I would definitely recommend you get this checked out soon at your nearest clinic. Thank you I hope this helps you with your issue. Kind regards, Dr Kalpesh Bohara.
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