How long should it take for my jawbone to heal after an accident?

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Before 2 months, I met with a bike accident and lost my three front teeth on the upper jaw and two-front teeth on the lower jaw. I have consulted the dentist; she said that you can opt for bridge treatment for the upper jaw, and you could go for implant for the lower teeths as they are not disturbed (Its not broken or disturbed). I dont know why she asked me to go for bridge treatment (Which I dont like to do) for the upper jaw. In a later consultation, I did ask her why not implant for the upper jaw. She replied, yes you can do. I really dont know in what basis, she said okay. She also said that, if you want to do carry out implant treatment, you want to wait for one year. Because, the jaw bone would take some time to grow. Thats her tentative time for the growth. She doesnt know the exact time of that bone growth. Please advise on the same.
You should only need to wait for 4-6 months after that the bone will shrink way. Perhaps a second opinion from an implant specialist might be worth trying
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