How Long Will I Be Able To Start Eating Solids After Having Implant Surgery?

Hello Dr Moore, I just want to know something that is really bugging me. How long in your opinion, will I have to wait before I can start eating solid food when I get my new implants fitted? I’m going for the procedure in a fortnight from now and I go out for a lot of business lunches, and I don’t really fancy sitting there with some soup and a straw as you can imagine it would start to get quite tiresome. I want to begin eating solids again as soon as possible, so how long, on average, will it take until I can do this? Thank you for your time, I hope you can help me with this matter.
Hello and thanks for getting in touch regarding this matter. If I was you I would be extra careful for the first few days and avoid hard biting for next 4-6 weeks after the treatment is undertaken, if you ask your implantologist, they may give you with other alternative suggestions than soup. I hope this helps helps you with your enquiry. Dr Andrew Moore.
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