How Much Do Lower Fixed Dentures Usually Cost And Can My Normal Dentist Do It?

Hi Kalpesh, can you help me please? How much do lower fixed dentures cost and can my normal dentist do it? I am worried about getting lower dentures and it not staying in place or falling out. I have only got a few lower teeth and they are quite rotten/ bad. I already have top denture. I have been brave and gone to dentist but feel so ashamed and embarrassed because I’m fed up getting abscesses, etc and I want to be confident again when I smile. I would be grateful for any advice or information you can offer me. Thank you.
Hello, thank you for getting in touch with me. Your options may be

1. do nothing
2. dentures – high quality
3. 2 or 4 implants with dentures
4. a fixed bridge with implants.  I would recommend you book a consultation with a cosmetic dentist experienced in this field. Generally the better quality of denture means you’ll be looking at a higher price. I hope this helps you. Kind Regards, Dr Kalpesh Bohara.

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