I am anxious about getting my teeth treated but I want my smile back. What are my options?

My remaing teeth are in a terrible condition & now I’m in a better financial position I would love to have a smile back on my face. I’m frightened to death of the prospect of what I may be facing as I have suffered with anxiety for some years. My confidence is now being effected in my day to day duties & seem to be avioding verbal communication due to the visibility of my horrible teeth. Over the years I have shied away from visiting Dentists & I don’t think I have one good tooth remaining in my mouth. What options would be available to me & would I receive any support prior to any treatment being carried out ?
Hi, I guess you might be looking at either saving your teeth with crowns and bridges or if they are too bad removing them and replacing them with dental implants. I do many cases like this using our teeth in a day technique, often using sedation to help the patients overcome their anxiety.
if you would like me to see you to discuss your options please feel free to call my clinic to arrange an appointment for a full consultation and CT scan. 08443 87 87 88
best wishes andrew
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