I am having my bridge removed, but I cannot have implant for another year, is this normal?

my bridge needs removing due to bone loss and infection. 2 teeth how soon can i have implants. my dentist has said i will need bone grafts and she will make a two tooth plate which i am reluctant about but that implants will not be an option for a year or so . i was wondering why this was the case. also how long from start to finish can one roughly expect the whole procedure to take? is it painful and can a temporary plate or similar be worn between treatments

Firstly it is really difficult to give you accurate advice without examining your mouth. I dont really understand why you cant have implants in less than 1 year if you require bone grafts. I would recommend you see an implant surgeon to assess firstly as you do not want to leave it to late.

The procedure is not painful and a temporary plate can be worn between treatments. I place many of these when I am treating patients with implants.

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