I am suffering from TMJ as a result of braces treatment gone wrong. Can you advise?

Q. I am currently wearing braces and have 4 missing teeth due to extractions. My bottom teeth were straight but in my opinion after treatment with braces they are now more worser. i have been told that i will have implants on the NHS, but my treatment has been ongoing for years and now i have been told that i will have another minimum of 2 yr before completion. I also have developed TMJ symptoms, due to the reposition of my bite, but although the dentist and consultants aknowledge this they do not refer me to a maxillofacial surgeon, which is only 1 floor below them in the hospital. I do not understand why this is? There are now moments where i am being told that i will recieve an appojnment by letter but none arrive, for months until i enquire over the phone. i feel that i am being neglected and on top of all that more damage is done to my teeth than is good. I am going to complain to the PCT and the chief executive of the hospital. i would however like advice on what i should do to help my TMJ. and if i can be referred to another dentist which can carry out my work under NHS funding?,
A. I really can’t help you here you need to talk to the hospital to find out where you need to be referred too, Sorry
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