I cannot afford implants at present. Will bone graft last for a while?

Q. I had a decayed upper back molar removed this past July 2010. The oral surgeon has preped it with bone graft and now wants to do the implant this week with the sinus lift. (6 mos later). My dilemma is I can not afftord $ 4,000 right now. Can i wait a year or two then get the implant then? My bone graft turns into bone so it should be OK., right?,
A. Hi many thanks for your email, your bone graft should be fine as time goes by the graft material is replaced for your own bone. it is true however that the longer you leave a site where there is no tooth bone does shrink in that area. so my advice would be to have the treatment as soon as you can. Dr Kailesh Solanki
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