I had 4 implants but one tooth is still a gap. What is the best solution?

Q. Hello. I have a question for you Dr Glover. I had 4 teeth pulled out in the upper front of my mouth. I now have 4 dental implants and now I am waiting to have 4 teeth put actually I am missing a fifth tooth. This is ending up costing me alot of money. The extractions and the implants were reasonable but replacing the lost teeth is very costly. I don’t know the best solution to my problem.,
A. Hello and thanks for your question. Without having a full consultation it’s impossible to give you any advice on what your options are. If the 5th tooth has been missing for some time then additional work may be required such as bone augmentation procedures to support a dental implant and this will increase the costs. Dental implants are a major investment in your oral health and many practices offer payment plans to help spread the cost of this investment. Regards George Glover BDS MSc
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