I Had an Infected Molar Removed But the Sockets Keeps Getting Infected. Do I Need Antibiotics?

Hi, I hope you can be of some help. I have recently had one of my top molars (which had been crowned) removed after getting infected twice, because my dentist said there’s a high risk of it getting infected again and again. He cleaned the hole left by the molar but about a week later it was infected, so I went back and he used an antiseptic to clean it again. I’m due to go back in 5 days because it feels like it’s getting infected again, should I ask for antibiotics this time? Thank you in advance. 
Hello, thanks for your question. Based on what you’ve said, it sounds like you have a dry socket. This is quite a well known complication, and it will eventually get better on it’s own. If it is a dry socket (of course speak to your dentist about this, as he will know more, being able to actually see you in person) then antibiotics won’t really help, as the problem will go away with or without them. Hope this is helpful for you. 
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