I Have A Loose Implant And My Dentist Is Away. Should I Wait For Him To Return Or See Another Dentist Immediately?

Hello Dr Moore. I had an implant fitted 4 years ago and it was fine until recently. However the implant now is very wobbly and I can’t eat or chew anything. Unfortunately my implant dentist is out of town until late next week. Is it okay to wait until he returns or should I see any other dentist immediately?
Please note: I had a routine dental checkup with another dentist last week and there was no problem at all.
Please give me some advice regarding the causes of the loose implant. Thank you.
Hello there, thank you for your question. It might just be the crown loosening on top and needs either re-cementing or screwing back in. If the implant has failed, the treatment will be more complex. You should get it checked with your regular dentist in case it’s something simple that can be sorted out easily. – Dr. Moore. 
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