I have an abscess and think my tooth will need to be extracted, do you have any advice?

Dear Dr Moore,
My two front upper teeth were root canalled around 3 years ago and I am currently in the process of having NHS veneers but now I have an abscess. I’ve taken a 7 day course of 250mg amoxicillin. I have an appointment with an endodontist soon to see if he can do a re-root canal. But I think in all likelihood my teeth will have to be extracted. So I’ve been researching implants. I have many questions, please could you try to answer them:
1) If my teeth are removed can the hole be filled with a bio-scaffolding like Alverlac? I’ve heard this stuff is good for preventing bone loss.
2) how long will I have to wait to have implants after having my teeth extracted? I’ve heard implants can be placed in the jaw straight after having the teeth removed, is this correct?
3) I believe my gums are quite thin but think they are healthy as I don’t smoke and I’m in good general health. Although, their not ‘bouncy and thick’ looking. Which I’ve heard is preferable for successful implants. Will this be a problem for implants and will you be able to see them through the gums? Or will I have to have a soft tissue graft? And if so how much would this cost and where exactly in the mouth would the tissue be taken from?
4) Have the course of anti-biotics I’ve taken been enough to have killed some/ if not all the bacteria. Or do they just stop the bacteria from spreading?
5)How do you know if you have a good amount of bone in the upper jaw for implants? Is there some kind of average measurement?
6) I’m a student but have a part time job which consists of 20 hours. I was wondering could I pay for my treatment through a dental finance loan company such as Medenta (so I’ll pay a monthly sum for 12 months or so) or are these types of loans only available to full time workers.
7) If I can’t get the loan I’ve worked out it will take me about a year to save for two implants. In the meantime I really dont want to have my teeth extracted (because of the whole bone loss thing and cosmetic appearance). So if I leave the abscessed tooth for the year will this be a problem? Will it cause any ill effects? I’ve already taken anti-biotics. Will I have to take more?
8) If the crown on the implant needs to be replaced what would be the cost? Would it be a similar cost to having a crown on a natural tooth? Or be more expensive?
9) Is it worth having a re-root canal? I’ve read these can cost in excess of £500 and there not always successful. Will it really make a difference? or like I said could I just leave it and save for 12 months for implants?
I know its a lot of questions and of course you havent seen my case but if you could answer my questions it really would help. Thanks.
1. I don’t have any experience of Alvertec
2. Yes immediate implants are possible in the right case and with the right type of implant/surgery
3. Don’t know without seeing you
4. They would help but won’t take the infection away completely
5. You need an x-ray and a scan
6. You’ll have to apply to find out
7. You would be best to take out the tooth/teeth and fit a temporary bridge while you wait for implants in case the infection gets worse
8. From £500
9. Can’t say without seeing you

You need a proper consultation with an implant dentist

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