I Have An Implant Which Aches Occasionally. What Could Be The Cause Of This?

Hello Dr Moore, my problem is that I have an implant that aches off and on. It has ached occasionally for the last 18 months. It has been in place for four years. I need it to be used as part of a bridge since the tooth next to it is missing. The missing tooth is one of the implants that came out. There is not enough bone left to put another implant in. Do you think something is wrong with the implant?
What would make it ache in this way. It only does it occasionally. I originally had four implants and so far three of them came out. I had bone grafting as well and the grafting has now deteriorated. Thank you in advance for your reply. I hope you can help me with this.
Based on everything you have stated in your enquiry I would suggest that you head to your local clinic as it sounds like it needs X-raying to find out the problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your question and I hope this helps. Regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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