I have been informed differently about dental implants by two seperate dentists. Who should I trust?

Currently I’m looking into having teeth implants because of gap in my front teeth & having gum disease which I have had treatment for but I have been told need four front teeth removed and four implant and another dental implant dentist said only should require two.one dentist uses 3i implant only and another uses various Nobel,strumann please could you help me I’m not sure which brand is right also which dentist is telling me correct.



I think the following is important
1. ask about the past qualifications of the surgeon, how many implants have they placed,
2. look at some of there case examples
3. if unsure ask to speak to some of there patients who have had implants

3I, Nobel and straumann are all good implants(been around for many years and has good past data research which is very important) but more importantly are the skill and experience of the surgeon.

Remember placing implants is surgery and therfore it is very important the surgeon has the necessary experience and postgraduate education.

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