I have not been to the dentist in years because I am petrified of my dentist. Can you help?

I am absolutely petrified of a dentist consequently have not been for years and my teeth are now loose. I don’t know what to do and am very scared. I know I could not have implants because I just could not cope with it I know that, is there any way if I lost a front tooth I could have a false one without drilling into my bone please? I’m also now ashamed to go to the dentist and it has been so long and my teeth are so bad.

Many thanks

If you have a denture as an alternative to implants you would only need impressions of the teeth. However this isn’t a very satisfactory result for most patients as the teeth are removable.
I treatment a lot of patients in your situation and use sedation to help them through the removal of the teeth and placement of the implants usually making the replacement teeth on the same day.
Call my clinic if you would like to come over for a full consultation and scan to discuss your options fully
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