I lost my teeth long ago. Will my gums be able to support dental implants?

Hello. Thank you for accepting my question. I am sixty two years old and have had a full top denture since i was twenty five. I also have no back teeth on the bottom arch. I am interested in getting dental implants on the top arch and also for the back teeth on the bottom. I have read about the options availabale for this but don’t know, Since i lost my teeth so long ago, whether my gums will be able to actually support dental implants and what would in your opinion be the best dental treatment option for me.and do you have an indication of possible costs of getting this kind of treatment.
I can’t really say for sure as you would have lost a significant amount of bone. The first step is to see an implant dentist and have A CT scan to measure the bone. Have a look on my website for options that might be suitable http://www.advancedentalclinic.com/all-on-4.php. I would be happy to see you at my clinic in Essex. 08443 87 87 88
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