I need to replace my missing tooth, what are my options and what problems would occur if I just left the gap?

Dear Doctor, I have had a pre-molar extracted from the right side of my mouth after having root canal treatment which couldn’t save the tooth as it had decayed too much. I now have a gap within my mouth. What ar emy options going forward? I’ve read up about dental implants but don’t know what the cost of having a dental implant for just one tooth would be? Can you provide a rough estimate? Secondly, are there any options for replacing this one tooth other than a dental implant? Finally if I decided to do nothing and lived with the gap will it be detrimental to my other teeth? Regards

1. your options are implant, bridge or denture
2. The cost is dependable on quality of implant , abutment, crown and if you require minor bone graft.
3. unfortunately cannot give a definitive costing without examination . The cost can start from £1800
4. if a gap is left then the risk factors are tilting of adjacent teeth and overeruption of the opposing tooth

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