I Pulled Floss From My Tooth And Heard A Crack. My Dentist Says I Have TMJ. Could I Have Fractured The Crown?

Hi Dr,
Four months ago I was flossing my teeth and the floss got stuck under my tooth with a crown. I pulled it out carefully and heard a crack. I didn’t have severe pain. But I started having dull pain about a few days after, plus, jaw pain, neck pain and ear ache. Went to the dentist and he said it was TMJ—okay— did all the recommended TMJ treatments. Plus, I had a physician I knew who gave me an antibiotic after the treatment which did not work for a week. I stopped all TMJ treatments and started taking the antibiotics. After the antibiotics everything went away. Four months later– it’s back. My dentist still says TMJ. But I wonder if the crack I heard caused a fracture under my crown. I continue to have dull achy pain next to the jaw area, and right ear pain (now burning at times) and muscle tension to neck and shoulder. Hope you can help. Thanks for your thoughts.
Hello and thanks for getting in touch. It does sound like a TMJ problem but it usually wouldn’t come on quickly like that, perhaps get the crown taken off to see what’s underneath? Without seeing you in person it’s difficult to suggest a particular treatment to help you. I hope you find a solution to this problem, Dr Andrew Moore.
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