I Want A Couple Of Implants To Support My Partial Dentures As I Regret Having My Top Teeth Pulled. Is This Possible?

Hi Dr Moore. I have a full upper set of false teeth and only a few teeth remaining on the bottom and I was wondering if I could get just a few implants or crowns in order to help me return to wearing just a partial denture at the top like I had previously before getting all my teeth at the top removed? I’m getting so depressed through it that I can’t even leave the house and I find it hard to talk properly, I have saved up a couple of thousand pounds and was wondering if there was anyway to help relieve me of wearing a full set of dentures? Could I have a few crowns or implants fitted that could then support a partial plate with the other teeth as I really regret having all my top teeth pulled out as I’m now lacking self confidence and I feel helpless, any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. It’s possible to use implants to hold a denture firmly in place with attachments or bars and clips. I think you’ll need to budget from £5,000 as a minimum though based on my own experience of such procedures. You may be able to find a specialist who can offer a suitable financial package however. I wish you luck with this. Dr Andrew Moore.
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