I would like an implant where my tooth is missing but the bone has receded, what should I do?

Q. I had a front tooth out 10 years ago and had a bridge across the front 4 teath. The 3 teath that hold the bridge have had to have pins put in them to hold the bridge. I want to have an implant put in the missing tooth, however the bone has receded to the point where there is a fairly noticeable shallowness oif the gum and that means that the top of the tooth (on the bridge ) potrudes out a little and to get rid of that by sinking it to the gum would not look right. 1/ how can the gum be brought back out where the tooth has gone so my gums look like they did when I had all my teath, and also, what would I need to do with the other 3 teath to have stand alone teath at the front again? thank you for your help.,
A. Don\’t we can help the anterior area where bone has been lost can have a bone graft this is a vey predictable procedure where bone is taken from another part of your mouth, another human source of from an animal source- one must remember that this bone will disappear and be replaced with your own bone. another procedure is ridge expansion- this is procedure where the remaining bone is expanded allowing implant placement– this is technique sensitive but i have been performing this procedure for over 15 yeras with great success. soft tissue/gum grafting will probably not be needed after the bone graft the remaing teeth can be replaced with individual crowns Costs- bone graft 1000-2000 pounds depending on difficulty bone expansion– 800 dental implant- 1500-2000 individual crowns- 600-800 we have special offers- please vist www.sonidentalimplants.co.uk to avail these i hope this has been helpful for you Soni
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