I’m a Dentist in the US. Can You Give Me Any Information on Friatec Frialit-2 Dental Implants?

Hello, I work at an oral surgery practice in the US and have a patient that needs an MRI. She had a Friatec Frialit-2 dental implant placed back in 1998. I’m trying to find information on what metals the implant is made of. At the time those implants were distributed by Interpore International here in the US. I can’t seem to find anything on these implants currently other than they are used in the UK. Hoping you can help me with this.
It’s not an implant I am particularly familiar with, but it sold by Denstsply. I would contact them for a definitive answer, but I am 95% certain it is commercially pure titanium/ if not it is an alloy of Ti.

Here is the info I give pt’s about dental implants and MRI’s:   Increasingly as more of the general population have dental implants, patients are asking their dentists if it is safe for them to have an MRI scan.

When the patient attends for an MRI, they are asked about metal in their body and many radiographers are uncertain about dental implants. However, as implants are a non-magnetic alloy (along with amalgams and other dental alloys) they do not present a problem in terms of safety. That said, they may distort the image if the area being investigated is close to the position of the implants. Obviously the more metal – the greater the distortion. It is therefore important to notify the relevant personnel in attendance for the MRI.

In summary, one thing is for sure that patients with dental implants made from non-ferromagnetic materials can easily have an MRI scan without any worries. However, the quality of the scan will be affected by the dental implants. In some cases, the images will be highly affected, while in others the effect will be marginal.

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